Merge sign up and login modals on mobile

Continuing the discussion from Signup button on mobile:

I’ve added the CSS as suggested in the linked post, and changed the text to “Account” (it goes to the login modal).

I know it’s not rocket science as it is, but I wonder if it would be possible to merge sign up and login, or at least make the connection more obvious - maybe by tabs at the top rather than text beside the submit button at the bottom. I wonder whether the current way might put some people off by not making it clear enough they are in the right place to create an account (especially as the only button visible is “Log in”).

Would a plugin be able to merge/amend the login and signup boxes? Thanks.

Plugins can do anything, so yes.

That said we plan on doing a couple of changes here in the coming weeks so I would wait a few days before starting.


Thanks. It would be more longer than a few days before write a plugin. It was more of a long-term idea.