Is there a way that allow user to watch author post only?

For a topic, there will be an author and many other people will reply it. However, is there a function that allow user to see author’s post in the topic only?

For example, there is an author writting a story, but she just update randomly, and then all the replys are about “So good! But when will update!”, so watch author only in this topic will be great and straightful.

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You could use the Follow Plugin?

But that follows site wide and everything that person will post, and OP would like to use it per topic and only with OP of that topic?

Sure, that’s the downside. You could always ‘unfollow’ them once the Topic was ‘done with’.

I know I can follow someone, however sometimes I just want to see what author has update in that topic, I’m not actually want to follow them.

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If you just want to view a single user’s posts in a topic, you can click on their avatar, and then click on the N posts in topic filter button:

This will change the topic view to only display that user’s posts.


Fantastic! That’s totally what I want! Cheers!


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