Is there a way to bulk delete replies by a specific user?

Scenario: A user replied to existing topics, which 8 out of 10 replies are spam.

Now, I want to select only the 8 spam replies, then delete them in one go. How to do that? I don’t want to ban the user or delete all.

I noticed in that users profile “Activity → Replies” I can view replies, but I didn’t notice any option to bulk select and delete option. Am I looking at the incorrect location or there isn’t any feature in discourse?

(I’m aware that topics that user posted can be bulk deleted, but I want to bulk delete the replies)

If you go into a topic, you can bulk delete replies, but I don’t think there is a user interface to delete them from a user activity stream. :thinking:

Using the rail console might be a solution. Assuming all the spam happened at once, it would be possible to delete them based on the date, for example (I’m unable to show you an example right now).