Is there a way to create a report on how many users posted new queries each month?

Assuming you mean search queries and not SQL queries in the Data Explorer plugin, you’ll need to make sure log search queries is enabled. (It’s the default, so it should be.) You can see recent queries in /admin/logs/search_logs, but that doesn’t answer your question, I think.

You can use the aforementioned Data Explorer plugin to get a number of searching users and searches per month:

select to_char(created_at, 'YYYY-MM') as month,
       count(user_id) users,
       count(term) searches
from search_logs
group by to_char(created_at, 'YYYY-MM')
order by to_char(created_at, 'YYYY-MM')

That might do the trick depending on your definition of “new query”.

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