Is there a way to disable the "channel" feature for the whole system?

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i’am on version 3.0.0.beta16 and the chat plugin is installed. I would like to disable the channel feature for all users. So i mean that users and Moderators can’t create new channels. I did not find a flag for it. Is this possible this time?

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Do you want to disable chat completely? That can be done with this setting:

Screenshot 2023-01-07 at 9.08.28 PM

If chat is enabled, only staff can create channels (admins and moderators), so you don’t need to worry about regular users creating channels.

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The idea was also to switch off for moderators. So only channels. But the way I saw it, you can’t separate it.

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So, just to further clarify – you’d like everyone to be able to use chat for direct messages, but prevent everyone from making channels?

And is it correct to assume that you don’t want “Channels” to show up in the sidebar, but you’d “Personal Chat” to continue showing up there?

I think right now this would take a combination of a CSS customization (to hide the Channels section) and a little trust with your moderators (tell them not to make channels). But hiding the channels section would also put one more hurdle in the mix for moderators who might forget any guidance you give them to not make channels, at which point, you’d only be concerned about moderators going out of their way to break policy, which seems like a problem in of itself.


Okay, I’ll talk to the dev.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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