Remove a user from a channel

I think the chat plugin needs an option to Kick and/or a temporarily ban users from specific chat channels.


Would you ban/suspend a user from a single chat, and not the entire site?

Perhaps you are thinking of a feature like the topic “slow down”, where a user can’t reply more than once in a certain time period? Though I wonder if chat, given it’s nature, would be better to just remove access, rather than trying to slow down a user.

Due to the nature of my own forum, yes I would.
There are times when users will create a problem in a specific chat room that is not enough to warrant a suspension from the entire site, or even from chat entirely.

Though if I could simply get the option to remove their access to the chat platform I would consider that to be enough.


What “nature” is that, and how often is a user expected to be banned from a single chat channel?

If we were to change/add this feature, it would need to support how folks are expected to operate their communities. I’m having difficulty understanding why a person would be banned from a single channel but allowed to use the rest of the site. :thinking:

If their behavior is not against the code of conduct for the site, perhaps sending a message would be more efficient in the long run, as that would guide the user rather just removing a site feature.

On the other hand, if their behavior in one part of the site is against the code of conduct, it should apply to all parts and they should have ther access removed.

To help us understand how Discourse Chat is used, please share more details about your community and its challenges in chat. :slight_smile:


It looks as though I can simply create a chat that requires a specific trust level, and then have my staff adjust users’ trust levels to get the desired effect.

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That will end up affecting more than chat, I’d recommend being careful manually managing TLs to control chat access.

On the other hand, perhaps create groups and attach them to a category + use that category for a channel, then you could revoke group membership to lock out of the channel.


That’s a possibility I hadn’t considered. It definitely could work. We already use groups as controls for accessing portions of the forum so that users can opt-in or opt-out of the portions they do/don’t want to take part in.
Thank you!

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I think this is needed too. Plus a few more things:

  • The ability to suspend a user from using a chat channel
  • The ability to create ‘chat mods’ who only have chat-related mod powers (remove users from chat for X amount of time, delete messages, etc)
  • The ability to disallow editing of messages (to prevent edit-spam)
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