Request: Disable Chat activity indicator dot by channel instead of global

TLDR: New Chat messages dot is a global option - Most channels we want everyone aware when there is a message - One channel we only want to notify a subset of users…but we need everyone to have access to the channel.

Channel settings:

User preferences/Chat:

Globally a user can disable the activity indicator…but it would be really handy if the chat channel had a list modal to enable/disable for particular groups and/or if users had a list modal of chat channels that warranted ignoring.

Longer version: We have a makerspace where new users need a host to chaperone them during probation. We built a system where ‘hosts’ tap in on site to ‘open’ the shop up - and we use the chat webhook feature to notify all users that ‘the shop is open’, including the person’s username so they can tag the host to arrange to unlock the door. As such, Everyone needs access to the chat channel to handle the replies.
Chat example:

The problem is - this is a multiple-times-per-day occurrence. We would like to disable this chat notification dot only for this channel for all (ideally) keyholder members, without disabling the dot for the main general chat channels. People with keys don’t need to be notified of new messages, but new members do.

Probationary and Full members are different groups handled by our membership database backend, so we already have that part sorted…Just the dot is annoying/crying wolf for a few people. If people shut off the dot entirely, we might as well not have chat.
The notifications themselves aren’t a problem - we could for example tag “@probationary_users heads up, we’re open” - but the ‘unread messages dot’ would still be a problem.

TIA for any suggestions. (Sidenote, a user said they tried muting the chat entirely and he still gets unread dots)

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