Is there a way to hide an admins posting activity?

We have an admin whose sole purpose is to upload video clips to our Q&A library. These clips are more for archival purposes and do not need to be seen in our site’s ‘latest’ column. The big problem, is that the number of postings come in bursts, and drowns out the organic general discussion. Is there a way to hide a sub-category from the latest column, or our admin’s activity? She’s doing important work, but her work doesn’t need to be front and center…

You could mute the subcategory by default for everyone. Then it does not appear in latest


And shows not at all practically anywhere. Not even in search results. If that is suitable then using category security and groups would be better option.

Topics in a default muted category appear in search results. :+1:


Not in my forum. (Is it 20 now…)

Hmm. That’s interesting. I gave it a check on another forum I’m on before I posted to make sure, and they show up in the search there. We may need someone else to check and adjudicate. :slight_smile:

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Muted category:

It appears in the search:

Same logic as the muted topics:



Jakke, do you have that category set to ‘ignore’ in searches?


How could I even set it as default? But no AFAIK.