Changing excerpt length

It’s very nice! Can I somehow limit the number of characters in an excerpt?

There is a site setting in discourse topic_excerpt_maxlength . IIRC this will only apply to new topics - if you want to apply the change to existing topics you will need to ‘rebake’ them.


Thanks, How i can ‘rebake’ them?

This command don’t help me:

$ cd /var/discourse
$ ./launcher enter app
$ rake posts:rebake

What happened? Did it show an error?

Change in site settings:

No erros:

# cd /var/discourse
# ./launcher enter app
# rake posts:rebake
Rebaking post markdown for 'default'
     4805 / 4805 (100.0%)
4805 posts done!

And the excerpts are still more than 100 characters? Is the change working for new topics?

More 100 characters now, but in settings 100:

Don’t working for new topics too

How to solve this problem? Any ideas?