Is there a way to make editing a wiki not count towards a user's daily edits?

We’re running into an issue with users making many helpful wiki edits and then being locked out of editing any other posts.

We don’t wish to raise the edit limit, as we are afraid of people abusing a higher editing cap.

Would it be possible to make editing wikis not count towards a user’s edit limit, to help these users use the forum without being punished for it?

But if they’re editing posts… Then that’s an edit?

Make sure edits are visible and raise the limit. I’m not sure how they would abuse it, exactly. Is that a common problem for your community? Don’t legislate things that aren’t a problem yet. Raise the limit, correct any abusers with reduction of trust levels, and believe in your community.

If it becomes a serious problem, then you can lower the limit again.


It has not been an issue, but it is one we would like to avoid nevertheless.

Ergo, if a way to make wiki edits not count exists, we would like to pursue that option.

Get back to us when it actually becomes an issue. We don’t spend engineering time on hypotheticals.


How complex would a plugin be that does this? I’m unsure exactly how hard-coded editing is.

Sorry about this - it was born from a misunderstanding!

I was trying to consider ways to raise our edit limit, and our owner said that wouldn’t be possible and to look into other workarounds, so I came here with the understanding that for whatever reason we were refusing to just… raise the limit.

Turns out he thought the edit limit in question was our site’s restriction on editing posts after 24 hours, which users can get around by making any post they need to edit for longer than that a wiki.

Once that miscommunication was cleared up, he agreed to bump up our site’s daily edit limit as I had originally asked.

So hey, thanks for your time, and sorry this “devil’s advocate”-type stuff was needed in the first place.


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