Editing posts limit

I am on the Infinite Flight forum hosted by discourse. I am a basic user on that forum and I have to edit posts a lot. Yesterday I got a message that I made too many edits in one day.

  1. What is the limit for 1 day?
  2. If you become a member do you get more edits?

Hi Trio welcome to the forum


The setting can be changed to other than the default so it may not be 30 for the Infinite Flight forum.

Maybe not what you want to hear, but instead of thinking of ways that would let you make more edits per day, you should think of ways that allow you to make less edits.

For example, one way that comes to mind is saving draft versions before posting them. Not that I don’t make my share of typo fix and “d’oh! I forgot this” edits. I usually get most edits during the grace period, but not always. For longer posts I often put them together on my computer first and when I think they are good enough I then post them.


I have messaged one of the moderators of the forum and I am going to link him to your response.

I’m not asking because of spelling mistakes and grammer, though I defiently have my fair share of mistakes in that category.

Infinite Flight is a ios Flight Simulator. On there you can be Air Traffic Control. On the forum I created a thread where people can see where everyone is controlling at a certain time in a event type format.

Because of that when planning the event I have to edit who is controlling which airport. Example:
These are airport ICAO codes by the way.

KPSP - @Trio
KNUC - @(insert username)
KONT - @(insert username)

And if someone wants to fill the spots I have to edit the post. So by the time of the event I have edited the post 10+ times. Usually more because people change their mind on what airport they want or back out.

Then to advertise the event I have to edit the title of the thread. Lots of editing. And I also have my own seperate thread to edit to. More editing.

For refrence this is the thread:

If you can trust other members to make their edits for themselves, making the post a wiki could help.

How do you do that? Do you have to be a member to do that?

Again a setting that can be changed from the default value.


If you aren’t Trust Level 3 there, you could send a message to a Staff member asking them to wiki it for you.