Too many edits to one post?

Sorry to be confused, but can’t find this in the settings or here in meta.

One of our key users regularly edits this post:

(it’s our private Discourse-hosted board)

and now it won’t let her make any more edits.

she can edit other posts, though.

and isn’t near any of the max settings.

Does Discourse finally say ‘enough’!?


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There’re several related settings.

  • max edits per day: Maximum number of edits per user per day. (default 30)

  • post edit time limit and tl2 post edit time limit: An author can edit their post for (n) minutes after posting. Set to 0 for forever. (default 1440 and 43200)

Is there any message when this person tries to edit their post?


that’s got to be it

fixing now

thank you


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