Is there a way to make it so that you can make your email address not display on the summary page?

I would like to know if there is a way to make the email address not show up on my userpage? This is just in case I screenshot it. I do not want to leak my email again. It does not feel right to screenshot my user page only for privacy issues to occur.

What is the URL for the page you mean, here on Meta?

There are a few “user pages” in Discourse, want to make sure, ahem, everyone’s on it. :slight_smile:

So there is an email thingy that only I can see. How do I make it only display in settings and nowhere else?

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Might not be a satisfying answer, but if this is you personally wanting to hide something on your page from yourself, using an ad blocker (I highly recommend uBlock Origin) might be the quickest & lowest effort option. The good ones can function as general content blockers, allowing you to select elements you don’t wish to see again. It’s an approach that could be started & completed in around 2 minutes.

I did this element picker node to delete the information for email addresses:
! 2022-10-02 > dd

Issue. It blocks not only my user page, but everyone’s user pages.

Try this;

! 2022-10-01>dl>div>dd:has-text(/@/)

Now it blocks the email much better without blocking the other stuff.

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Technically it’ll also hide anything the team adds there in future which contains the ‘@’ symbol. In my view this constitutes acceptable risk, but if you disagree, you could always replace that symbol above with the entirety of your email address. Just figured I’d let you know (I’m honestly sure it’s fine as-is).

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