Hide email address from /about page

On the /about page of Discourse forums, it shows the main admin email address:

Contact Us

In the event of a critical issue or urgent matter affecting this site, please contact us at email@example.com

How do I hide this? I’m getting heaps of spam on this address, and I don’t want any email address shown publicly at all anyway.

Also, I still need to receive discourse system email to that address, so setting it to blank isn’t an option.

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in Admin > Settings search for contact email and remove/change it to some other address.


I think if you set a value for the contact_url setting, it will show that on the /about page (instead of the email address from contact_email)


@bloomexperiment: Thanks! Yep this solved the visible part of it at least, the email address is no longer displayed on the /about page.

Although when I view source in my browser, and look and the HTML given to the browser, it still has the current contact email address in the HTML inside a <div class="hidden" id="data-preloaded" data-preloaded=...> tag such as \&quot;contact_email\&quot;:\&quot;currentadminemail@example.com\&quot;,

A bit strange. And I guess that spambot scraping the pages are still going to get the email address exactly the same way.

I even tried changing the email address to a different one, but it does serve whatever the current email address is, i.e. it’s not a caching issue.