Tweak to trust level badges to simplify running a tight selection of badges

I suggest:

  1. Only display trust level badges for the ‘active trust level’ on /my/badges
  2. Display the active trust level badge as the first badge on the user card and badge pages

Suggestion 1 - Active Trust Level only

This is already the case on User Cards. It would be nice to have this the case on /my/badges too.

The default badge handing of Discourse is to have lots of badges for gamification reasons. That is sweet, and makes a lot of sense for a forum open to the internet.

However, on our login_required forums, we’ve removed the gamification badges and retained just the trust level ones and some rich community-specific ones. The problem caused was that the trust level badges now create a lot of noise.

My workaround

I achieved only displaying the active badge on the /badges page by hiding the default trust level badges and recreating my own with modified SQL, which revoke daily. For example:

Suggestion 2 - TL badge 1st

At the moment, badges are displayed by Gold, Silver, Bronze and then (I think) in reverse order of granting:
As you can see, the Trust level badge can easily be displaced.

I believe that the TL badge is the most important, and thus should be always in the first position on the left. Does that make sense?


Thanks for that suggestions, I’m agree with both.

Did you found a workaround for the second one?

Well, much to my surprise it seems to have been implemented by stealth by the Discourse Team. At least it certainly appears that way as I look at the user cards of several users here on Meta:





It isn’t the case for /my/badges pages, but that is much less important in my mind as I doubt they are used much anyway.