Tweak to trust level badges to simplify running a tight selection of badges

I suggest:

  1. Only display trust level badges for the ‘active trust level’ on /my/badges
  2. Display the active trust level badge as the first badge on the user card and badge pages

Suggestion 1 - Active Trust Level only

This is already the case on User Cards. It would be nice to have this the case on /my/badges too.

The default badge handing of Discourse is to have lots of badges for gamification reasons. That is sweet, and makes a lot of sense for a forum open to the internet.

However, on our login_required forums, we’ve removed the gamification badges and retained just the trust level ones and some rich community-specific ones. The problem caused was that the trust level badges now create a lot of noise.

My workaround

I achieved only displaying the active badge on the /badges page by hiding the default trust level badges and recreating my own with modified SQL, which revoke daily. For example:

Suggestion 2 - TL badge 1st

At the moment, badges are displayed by Gold, Silver, Bronze and then (I think) in reverse order of granting:
As you can see, the Trust level badge can easily be displaced.

I believe that the TL badge is the most important, and thus should be always in the first position on the left. Does that make sense?