Is there a way to restyle the solution?

and also to change the background of the accepted answer in the topic page to green? that is to make it more handy, in a topic with lots of replies.

No, but I think the solution should be expandable under the first post as if it was a quoted reply cc @sam


at the moment a link is shown below the first post and when one clicks on it, we go to the post directly.

is it possible to change this to a quoted reply, since i think this would be better than a jump?

p.s.: i don’t know how to discuss the reason! perhaps the jump make the user afraid of losing the discussion in between, while the immediate next reply still gives the chance to easily go down to other discussions as well. but this is not a good reasoning!

btw, in order to change the css of accepted answer this doesn’t work:

any trick to make it work?

Looks like the .topic-post.accepted-answer is no longer being injected into the DOM (probably happened when it was converted to using vDOM?).


We should consider this a bug for the release @sam

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OK, now that I added the extensibility this is doable quite easily

Going to put a #pr-welcome on this

Why is this needed? If you can already expand the full answer as a quote (as of today thanks @david) , why do we also need the post docked underneath as well?

This is about custom styling of the accepted answer, say you wanted the accepted answer have a beige background and some slik CSS animation you could do so.

Confused me as well, but I think @sam is talking about this bit:

The topic name is misleading as the discussion changed halfway through


No, it is the same thing. There used to be a class on the post that was marked as the solution, yes, it is not as necessary due to your changes, but it makes for a nice API ability for other plugins (future thinking)