Is there a way to retrieve Post text and image Urls separately?

Is there a way to retrieve a Post’s text and image Urls separately without using cooked from discourse? raw field also contains image name along with text. Is there any such discourse configurations available?

Im not sure if I understand…

But did you look at: and ?

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I don’t know what you’re asking either, something like

I would want to retrieve only the Description part of a Post.

When we post a reply or a question with Images and Text, raw field contains image info appended with the description of the post. Eg: Text Description ![apple|275x183](upload://xyz.jpeg)

Is there a way to achieve to retrieve only description (Text Description) other than using cooked ?

Could you take a step back and say what you’re trying to do and where?

No. Just use raw or cooked and use a regular expression to extract the part you need.

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