Is there a way to set 'approve post count' to zero for a particular category?

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We have a busy website that sometimes attracts spammers/trolls, so we increased approve post count for new and basic users which has helped a ton. However, we also do support on our site, and we want to make the support experience as frictionless as possible for new customers.

I’d like to set approve post count to zero for our support category, but leave it in place everywhere else. Is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance!

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Is this a temporary increase?

A work around could be to individually go to each categories setting and check these two boxes except in the support category

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Hey thanks for the input!

No, spam/trolls are an ongoing problem for us, so the change is permanent.

I had considered that, but then our longtime trusted users would also need approval for their posts, creating a lot of work for our moderators. We only want posts from new/basic users to go into the review queue.

In that case I think you will need a custom plugin as there is no other way I know of that can achieve what you like.

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