Allow new users to reply in category

I have global trust levels at 0:new user for new users, and in a category I set security to allow 0:new user to REPLY. However, I still have to moderate. This seems wrong to me. How can I allow those users to reply unmoderated?

Forgive me if this is obvious, I have searched around quite a bit.

Thanks in advance.

You may need to adjust your approve post count and approve unless trust level site settings to allow new users to reply to topics in your category. The default values of both of those settings will allow new users to create posts without moderation.


That worked! Thanks a ton!

Just some feedback that that setting is not easy to find or intuitive.

Yes, it can be hard to find the correct settings. The way I usually find settings is to enter a term that’s related to the setting into the setting’s search box. For example, entering ‘approve’ into the search box will return all settings with ‘approve’ in either their title or their description. Another useful search tool is the ‘Only show overridden’ checkbox that you will see to the right of the setting’s search input. When checked, this will only return settings that you have overridden the default values for.


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