My `approve post count` isn't working when set to 1

Hi everyone,

Bit of an odd problem on my Discourse which may be caused by another setting, but I’m not sure.

I’ve set approve post count to be 1

Sure enough, when a new user signs up and posts, it needs approval.

When their post is approved we’re finding that their second post also always needs approval:

With their second post approved they can then make a third post with no further interaction required.


If I set the approve post count to be 2, then their third post does NOT need approval.

The issue seems to only be in place if set to 1.

Have I missed another related setting? Is this by design? Am I misunderstanding that design? :thinking:


This might be a bug. (off by one strikes again?) We should have a look next week @eviltrout.


Let me know if you need any more information or other current settings from my Discourse?

Thanks, I’ll leave it with you :+1:t2:

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A quick look at the logic internally shows that 1 should be an acceptable value. Can you tell us the values of the these related setttings?

  • approve unless trust level
  • approve new topics unless trust level

I’m wondering if you have a trust level setting that a user graduates past around 3 posts.

Thanks for taking a look @eviltrout

Settings as requested:


Thanks. I was able to reproduce locally. It seems new topics weren’t counted towards that post count. They are now and it should fix it for you:


Fantastic :clap:t2:

I may not get a chance to update my Discourse before Friday but thank you in advance Robin @eviltrout - very grateful :bowing_man:


Fix confirmed!

I tried:

  • New topic + reply

  • New topic + new topic

  • Reply + reply

The first action always needs approval, the second action now always goes straight through without an issue.

Thanks again @eviltrout :smiley: