Is there an "arbitrary block on the front page" theme component?

A picture is worth a thousand words…

I’d like to put something in the blank box. In the specific case, I want a guide to tags on our site. I basically want Add a tag column to your /categories page, except that has two major shortcomings at the moment:

  1. It doesn’t list tags in tag groups, and those are actually the ones I want to feature
  2. It doesn’t have descriptions or anything.

So, I was thinking that until that’s done, I could just create it manually. Is there a theme component which makes this easy? I think most ideally it’d work like the Banner topic, and use the text of a particular post. I’m pretty sure I can figure out how to do this as a new custom component, but I’m surprised I can’t find an existing one that just creates a front-page box like this. Is there one I’m missing? Thanks!

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Hello, I think that section is for the muted categories. :thinking:

It happens to be the case that there are some. But I’d still like a block with tag information.

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