Add a tag column to your /categories page

This theme component adds a column displaying tags to your categories page.

This only works if the desktop category page style site setting is set to either categories and latest topics or categories and top topics.

This component comes with a number of settings:

  • tag_count: change the number of tags that appear by default. When only a subset of tags is shown you’ll also get a “more” button.

  • categories_page_column_count: this controls the number of columns on the page in total. Note that when the browser is less than 768px wide, all the content will stack into a single column.

  • tag_column_count: the number of columns used within the tags section

  • hide_categories_column: enabling this will hide the categories, this may be useful for sites that want to focus on tagging

  • categories_column: the column categories appear in

  • categories_row: the row categories appear in

  • tags_column: the column tags appear in

  • tags_row: the row tags appear in

  • topics_column: the column topics appear in

  • topics_row: the row topics appear in

:information_source: Note that the column and row settings accept values that work with grid-column and grid-row… so for example, by default the topics_row value is 1 / span 2, this means topics start in row 1, and span across 2 rows. So as seen in the screenshot above, the topics column is as tall as both the categories and tags columns, which are only 1 row high.

The row and column settings grant a lot of layout flexibility. With a few changes you can change the layout to something like this:

or this:


It’d be amazing if this could support tag groups!

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