Is there any difference between DigitalOcean and Linode for Discourse installation?

When I started with Discourse, I’ve been recommended to use DigitalOcean as hosting provided, which is what I’m using now. However, recently I heard about Linode, which seems to be very a very similar service. So checking around, I noticed that Linode offers more RAM than DigitalOcean for the same price. Though support is limited, you can actually contact the company through phone. If required they even have support packages that you can purchase.

Is there any reason why Discourse usually prefers DigitalOcean? Is there anything bad about Linode?

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Linode is fine, and one can run Discourse can run on any hardware that meets the requirements for memory and storage.

Digital Ocean is a relatively simple and accessible service, and is a known variable. That means if folks are seeking support have an issue with hosting (as opposed to a configuration or UI issue), the dev team can give a minimal amount of time supporting what generally shouldn’t be a concern for Discourse operators.

This is the aggregate opinion I’ve formed from reading posts and discussing this, but that was years ago. You might be able to search around for the answer. :slight_smile:


People use Linode successfully, but I gather installation is a little more finnicky.