Is there any Discourse based community who reached 100k daily visits?

(GuyFawkes) #1

Just curious how they made it


Not that we host. There may be self hosted instances that I’m not aware of.


you can see we consistently hit 100k daily visits… in the last week we’ve had a bit of a decline though. sadness. we were very close to crossing the 4M pvs per month.

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WOW thanks for sharing this , What’s just happened in the last two days ?


Lol. The OP edited the title from daily users to visits after I responded.

Lots of sites (including this one) get well in excess of 100k daily visits.


Actually, that’s completely untrue. ^ I’m talking page views.
We do not get 100k+ unique user visits per day.


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@8BIT as a crypto trader I think your community is informative and I think I can learn more in your forum :grinning: .

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I don’t think we even have a metric on the dashboard for unique visitors per day, which is a bit of an omission on our part.

Where unique visitor is defined as:

  • For anon: unique IP
  • For non-anon: user

We have user visits (which is non-anon)
We have pageviews which double counts.


just a cooling period as it relates to the market (cryptocurrency and stuff). when there’s low volatility we have less folks around… but when things go crazy, we get all-time-highs. overall, we’re up and to the right though… and what’s even more crazy is that the forum hasn’t been around that long… it feels like only a few months since i penned this post: