Is there any faster way to re-build the site?

I host it on a VPS. Anytime I rebuild the site (adding plugin, etc) it takes like 15mins total of downtime, which sure, in the grand scheme of life, 15mins is nothing, but in the tech world where downtime is key not to ever have, it’s crucial.

The easiest solution is a two container setup which has a separate data container. You can build the new one while the old one continues to run. The down time is then just a minute or so while the new one cranks up.

The easiest way to do that is spin up another vm and pass the --two-container switch to discourse-setup. There is a topic about how to do it by hand.


Hi, this post from 2016? Faster rebuilds?

Is it not outdated?

Perhaps see


This is what I was referring to. It will never be outdated until or unless the basic installation script changes.

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