Is there any forecast for Discourse to have reputation system?

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This is a very important function for question-and-answer systems and forums on various subjects.

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Discourse has Badges that are granted for various accomplishments and milestones. Does what you’re reffering to differ from them in some significant way?


Sounds more like the ‘reputation #’ you get on Stackexchange powered instances …

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Yes, it’s quite different.
I refer to just that:

or: Points & Levels | Yahoo Answers

Users earn points by answering, asking, voting, receiving votes, having a answer chosen as the best and other achievements.


Discourse is primarily forum software and I believe the core direction has not been to support rich Q&A style interaction.

However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be addressed in a plugin.

I believe this plugin is the state of the art for Q&A on Discourse.

To my knowledge it doesn’t add public reputation tracking (yet … ). You might want to ask the author about his plans:

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The forecast is: Unlikely.

Discussion can be continued here if you feel like you have anything new of value to add:

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