Is there any way to get a list of topic close events from the logs?

It doesn’t seem like there is.

Also I tried searching but couldn’t find anything about this, sorry.

But yes, I note there are events for deletion and the like but nothing for closing topics.

Is that because this is a leader action and we don’t log those? Would be good to note the Leader actions somewhere if not.


What do you mean “lock”? Do you mean close the topic? Or are you referring to the per-post action?

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Apologies, yes I mean close the topic. Because of the padlock symbol being what I saw in my mind’s eye I could only think of lock as it’s the one on other forums.

I would not be searching for topic close events… instead for all posts that are close actions in data explorer should do the trick.

Try this query:

SELECT topic_id, user_id, action_code, created_at
FROM posts
WHERE post_type = 3 AND action_code like '%closed%'
ORDER BY created_at DESC

Ah okay, thanks a lot.

We don’t have that plugin installed. I’ll see if the owner wants it but probably it won’t happen.

It’s not wildly important I just wondered if I was missing something that could tell us this.

Thanks for the help

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