Is there easy way to create custom user fields?

I need to add just one user field that is very critical for my case. Bitcoin address. Is there some easy way?

Yes, there is. Look in the Customize > User Fields admin section :wink:

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Thanks… That is awesome… I suppose it is quite new feature?

One more question? What does Conformation custom field mean? How it works?

And one more: How to show custom field in user profile?

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Is there a simple way yet for an admin to view and edit custom fields on a user’s account?

Right now I’m database diving, and it’s not a lot of fun - but, I feel I may be missing just where these show up…

They should appear on and be editable on

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Is there a simple way to edit the userfield for all or a group of users in bulk? I’ve just added a new user field after launching my forum and would want to fill this field for the existing users, currently the only way to do it is by Admin-> Users-> Click on the user’s name -> show public profile -> Preferences -> Fill the field -> save changes
then repeat for the next user :sweat:
is it possible to show the custom field(s) on the Users page along with their email address and statistics?


the links don’t work…?./>

You need to replace with the domain of your site.

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