User custom fields are no longer editable

Hi, possibly caused by a recent update in Discourse version (now on 2.5.0 beta2), I can no longer edit user custom fields for users (even though all are still marked as ‘editable after signup’ in the customize menu) - and I cannot even edit my own custom fields as administrator.

The existing contents of the fields still display, but without the pencil/edit icon.

I see I also can’t edit anyone’s email address (including my own), which will be problematic for people who change email providers then forget their login password

Am I missing something or is this a bug?

I don’t it was ever editable from this screen.

However you can edit it from:

  • /u/USERNAME/preferences/profile (for custom fields)
  • /u/USERNAME/preferences/account (for email)

Thanks Joffrey

Weirdly, while I can find and edit the email address by clicking on ‘account’, custom fields for me don’t show up when I click ‘profile’. Only the default fields are displayed.
If I then click the ‘Normal’ menu (without selecting any of the drop down options) , some but not all custom user fields sometimes appear (but often don’t).
If the custom fields are showing and I refresh my browser, they disappear, until I click on the ‘Normal’ menu button again.

In particular a field that uses the discourse-multiselect-user-field plugin does not ever appear.

If editing my own user account as administrator, there is no ‘Normal’ menu to click on, but I get a similar temporary effect by clicking on the ‘Expand’ (or ‘Collapse’) button.

I don’t imagine this behavior is deliberate?

A second issue/request is that I think that all these fields should be editable directly from wherever they are displayed to the user or admin - seems unnecessarily labyrinthine and not especially intuitive to disallow this, especially if there are a lot of accounts to manually update, or if user is not very familiar with where settings are buried within the interface.

I will fix that plugin.


Fantastic!! That would be much appreciated. Happy to test anything it that helps.

**Edit - if this is not too cheeky a question, do you have a rough sense of how long it might take? I have naively been telling my existing MyBB users that their new Discourse based forum will go live on 15 March (before I discovered this issue)