Is this new category access a feasible feature? "see topic title"

(Pad Pors) #1

currently there exist read, reply, and create topic access in each category,


I just wanted to know if this makes sense:

having a new access where a group of people (e.g. everyone) have access to only topic titles (see topic title), and others (e.g.TL0-4) have see access to the whole discussion.


use-case: when the category is completely hidden, nobody may ever know what is inside and they won’t get engaged enough to become a member or to grow. but when you see the titles it may engage you more to have the ability to discuss.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

No, there are no plans for this on any of our roadmaps.

(David Taylor) #3

This is the use case for my category lockdown plugin:

Just remember that this does not provide 100% security, so use carefully