Is "Update Discourse topic" immediate?

When one selects the option to “Update Discourse topic”

… when you hit the update button, is the overwrite immediate? Or queued?

I updated a post but it’s not showing up 11 mins later and still shows the previous version.


I did it just some minutes ago, and for me it changes right away.

Do you have any caching or reverse proxy between WordPress and forum? Or is API healthy and alive?


There’s cdn enabled on both yes. Cloudflare is somewhat off. Let me recheck page rules.

Edit: it happens instant if I wait between updates. 3 updates back to back = the last 2 won’t apply. But 3 updates 30 mins apart are all instant.

In answer to the question in the title, yes the update discourse topic feature is (effectively) immediate. It doesn’t have a queue.

Did it update instantly as part of the second test, but not as part of the first?

It sounds like you’re having some other issues, either in Wordpress or your various caching systems. Is there a particular problem you’re trying to solve here? Is there a scenario in which you need to make multiple rapid updates to the topic?

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It works now, was due to the CDN i believe. For anyone else using cloudflare:


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