Issue with a newly created category due to accent character in category name

Hi all,

I am having trouble with newly created category. I don’t know if the problem came from the large image I set as a background or the name of the category (I used a french accent Matériel in the name).

Now, the page of the category just keeps loading indefinitely. I can’t change the name of delete the category so I can create another one.

Please, any tips ? :pleading_face:



I am going to answer myself (if this can help anyone in the future). The problem was indeed the weird accented name I gave to my category. The category just wont show so I can edit the name.

What I finally did is to update the category using the API as follow:

  1. I created an API key in the administration page for my self (admin user)
  2. went to the API endpoint for my forum and executed a curl put to update the category name (see here API endpoing
  3. Now my category page loads as expected :+1:

Cheers :tada:


Hmm, can we repro this @tshenry?


I think if I’m following all of the breadcrumbs correctly, a fix is in the works!

The issue was first reported here:

Allow or not accented characters in category slug according to "slug generation method" setting

Then it looks like @Falco started working on a fix at the end of this duplicate topic:

Category slug containing Unicode characters results in redirect loop

That was then superseded by this pending PR:

So it should be fixed soon from what I can tell.