Issue with image uploads on embedded topics

I commented about this in the topic here:

We are having an image upload failure using the Comment Embedding feature. When the initial post is created, the image is set as the remote URL and displays normally.

After about 5 minutes the process for the remote to local image transfer happens and replaces the image with an upload text call like this:

Also I thought I was on to something this morning (as we are having no issues with this functionality on regular posts) by changing the ownership from ‘system’ to a regular user prior to the upload process running. However we got the same result.

Rebuilding HTML has no effect either.

Thanks for any help or insight you can provide. :wink:

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It sounds like you are running into the issue described here: Fix broken images for posts created by the WP Discourse and RSS plugins. There are more details about the issue in this post: Fix broken images for posts created by the WP Discourse and RSS plugins - #3 by simon.

There is a related, but unresolved #bug topic about the issue here: Markdown rendering issue with image surrounded with HTML


Thanks Simon. Based on that I have simply added my sites to the Disabled Image sites list in settings. That should fix that issue. Also I really don’t need them taking up space on multiple servers so win-win. :slight_smile:


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That’s great that you’ve found a work around. I’ll close this topic now since there is already a #bug topic for the issue.

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