Issue with private messages


I have an 2 issues regarding the private messaging on our forum.

  • Issue 1 : text disappearing
    Since an image is worth a thousand word, here are one screenshot explaining it :

As you can see, the text is gone since the update :grimacing:

I have to open the conversation in a full window to see it.

  • Issue 2 : Receiving private message notifications from conversation that aren’t ours.

I won’t post any screenshot on this one to preserve my member anonymity since their family names appear on the screen.

But some of them and myself included, often receive notification of other members’ messages.
As the owner of the forum if I click on it I can see their conversations (which I’d rather not), but I think they can also see the messages (but I’m not 100% sure).

I’d be really grateful if someone could help me fixing these issues.

Thanks !

Do you have any plugins installed?


Just a note here @Julien_Kmeo I’ve not seen a private message pop-up window like that before in both modes desktop/mobile and I use private messaging regular on the discourse software.

Maybe on Facebook there’s a similar style.

Saying that what does your forum look like in “Dark Mode” can you see the text (Settings → preferences ->interface → theme → dark) then “Save Changes”

Just a thought !!


Hi Julien,

I believe this going to be a Quick Messages Plugin issue.

I move your topic from #bug to #support. Please post your issue in the Quick Message Plugin topic as it is not a core Discourse issue. :slightly_smiling_face:


Apparently, my issue 1 is from the Quick Message Plugin (I completely forgot it was installed :see_no_evil:).

Thanks Phantom ! I tried but it didn’t work.
I’m not sure this plugin is still supported, I might have to uninstall it.

Thanks @dodesz .
Do you think my second issue is also related to this plugin? (receiving notifications from other conversations).

Which other plugins do you use? The babble plugin caused this issue. That’s why it was moved to broken plugin

That would be my guess. You can either remove it and see, or remove all non standard plugins. There is very nearly zero chance that your issues are in discourse core.


That’s why I hadn’t seen a chat window like that before then,if it’s a third party plugin to convert your messaging layout to this style then sounds like it’s incompatible as the others have said,the reason for trying the Dark Theme was to see if the text showed up on a black background if the white balance was to much.

A little investigation disabling/removing plugins one by one will help you narrow down the conflicting plugins.


Thanks for your answer @Moin .
I don’t use the Babble plugin. I thought about it but never installed it.