Private message disappear when sender is same as receiver

I don’t know if this is a bug or a feature, but because something unexpected happends I’m counting it as a bug :wink:

I tried send a private message to myself, mostly because of drafts fail sometime. Composer nagged to me if I forgot add an other recepient because I was sending to me. I closed it and everything was fine.

Except I can’t find that private message anywhere. It vanished totally.

I add topic name and a new tag too.

When I pressed Send Discourse tell me it can’t create tag. That is another issue, because if I can’t create new tag, even I’m admin, the composer should not offer creating a tag at all.

My forum is updated last night (my local time :wink: and is 2.9.0.beta2 38cbca3f67

(Now DiscourseHub is showing one unread topic, but not new messages. It is propably different thing because Hub does that every now and then, Only solution for that is deleting forum from Hub and re-connecting; really annoying because I can’t drag forums to order I want)

And… I realize now I should try if same happends here too. I’ll do it right away.

Nope. I can’t send a private massage to myself here either. It sends, but disappearing. Is this just another user error?

There is a new version coming out that will fix this issue. The beta is out and I tested it. it works :slight_smile:

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Can you see your message in “sent”

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Yes, there it is. (And something more to reach 20 characters limit :wink: )


It does not show in the inbox, but it shows in sent

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You can also add in:personal to the search, and that should bring up ones in sent and received. :+1:

Nice trick, but no luck at all.

Sorry, I meant as well as a keyword. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, I see.

Well, I tried to use note because I’m actually trying solve out draft-issue — a content creator needs several drafts. Using private messages for that was one possible solution — but no go.

(Because drafts are really limited here and is targeted to save one text, similar as instant saving, there is only two solutions AFAIK:

  • using a group and ”personal category”
  • using totally other app; I’m using now iOS-app named Ulysses because i mosty write with iPad

And now I’m off topic big time ::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Are you able to reproduce this vanishing?

I think some month ago the message also occured in the inbox, not just in sent. If you are used to that behavior, then the message now vanishes.

If a message doesn’t show at inbox it is nearly unusable. There is one reason why I (or someone else) am using that: drafts. Everytime when some is asking if there any chance to save more than one draft the answer is send a PM to yourself.

UX-wise sended PM must show up on (at? I really dislike prepositions :smile: ) inbox, even when sender is same as recipient. And when a user uses a lot PM finding relevant message is much harder when it is burried in sendbox.

Sure, this is not high priority question. But it should be fixed at some point and then there is just two options:

  • recipient can’t be same as sender (and that is not an option, if I’m right, because it will break CCs of group messages too?)
  • sended message goes to inbox as expected

There is door #3 too: allowing more than one draft :wink: