Users not receiving registration emails

We have started having a few new members who are unable to receive their registration emails. We’ve asked them to check spam and we have had them try more than once. Are there certain email clients who are unable to receive emails from a Discourse forum? Is there something we can do to help them, other than suggest they get a new email address? Thanks!

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Yahoo and outlook dot com email services are notorious for silently discarding email they don’t like, for any reason at all.

Are these users on the same email provider?


One was on Hotmail. The other was on some random email provider that I haven’t heard of before. I assumed that was the reason they couldn’t receive it, but just not sure how to best resolve that for them.

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Yes, hotmail/outlook are the same service and are absolutely notorious for silently dropping any and all mail they decide they don’t like.

There’s not much that can be done about it, unfortunately, other than urge people to switch to a more reliable mail provider.


Thanks so much! I appreciate your help!

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All you can really do is ask them to check their spam folder. If it’s not there, the provider silently dropped the mail.