Issues with index page infinite scrolling?

During the last 24h we have received half a dozen comments that infinite scrolling does not work on the index page / topic list.

No repro pattern or other insights yet.

Latest Discourse (CDCK SaaS), with latest update applied on 08.02.2021.

Has anyone else seen this?

Until there is a repro, not much we can do. Can you repro here?

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This is an issue has has been coming and going since 2017, and suddenly has again resurfaced.

  • It is new, again, so there is very little intel so far.
  • I don’t have a repro on my personal device

Thus I had to make a shout-out to find out if anyone else is seeing this.

One thing to narrow down is browser version and plugins. Is it specific to a particular set of users? Have they tried in browser safe mode, or in a different web browser?

Since you have a custom index theme that overwrites templates it’s a good idea to try to reproduce with How to use Discourse Safe Mode to narrow it down.


As this topic is not flooding with comments, it seems that this is not a common issue. We’ll try to narrow it down, if possible. This is always a bit of a challenge, as we are not a tech community.

My educated guess is that for some reason Android/Chrome is more prone to these rather random issues, than for example iPhone/Safari. I have a clean Android One device and very rarely have any issues.

Please keep the topic open. I’ll post an update if I find anything useful, or request a close if this disappears on it’s own – like it has before.