Issues with Top topic and categories API on local development setup

Hi team,

I’ve setup a local Discourse server following this tutorial:

My version is 1.9.7.

Problem is when I call categories API and top topic API, I don’t get expected result.

1/ Refer the attachment for result categories.json (22.6 KB)

You can see all post_count is 0 although I have some posts already.

2/ Also when I try to get top topic of a category, I only get empty result, although I already use All time filter. Not sure what I’m missing here.

Please help me look on this.


Make sure Sidekiq is running and manually trigger CategoryStats job.

Make sure the topics are not private or that you have sufficient privileges to view topics in that category.


I’ve started Sidekiq, but don’t know how to trigger the job (I’m new to Ruby), getting following error:

vagrant@discourse:/vagrant/app/jobs/scheduled$ ruby category_stats.rb
category_stats.rb:3:in <module:Jobs>': uninitialized constant Jobs::Scheduled (NameError) from category_stats.rb:1:in

this user has sufficient privileges, I can give you the account to login as well.