Issues with topic list order for Voting/Latest

I’ve also noticed that if I use these below category settings, this makes the “Latest” tab show sorted by the most votes instead of the latest and therefore you cannot see the latest topics at all. Is this a bug or something I’m doing wrong?

I’d like the category by default to be sorted by votes (desc), with users having the option to sort by latest if they’d like to. Thanks.

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We’re still having this problem. Does anyone else have this issue? Or know how to resolve it? A live example can be seen at Ideas & feature requests - Breww Community

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On Desktop you can click the Activity column header to put it in Latest order if you’d like to change it away from the default, if that’s any help?

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Thanks for the suggestion, @JammyDodger but it doesn’t really work for me to be honest.

  1. We need this to be more user-friendly for our users and this is just not clear/obvious enough for the typical user who would expect the buttons at the top to do what they say they do.
  2. We use Alternative Voting Category Style so the column is not actually there.

Thank you for your suggestion though. Is there anything that I can do to help get this fixed (I don’t speak Ruby, sorry!)?