Issues with typing on Android

Hi there, recently I’ve had issues with typing on a platform that uses Discourse ( and I believe this is a bug.

Version - Android 9
Device - Huawei Honor 9 Lite
Keyboard - SwiftKey

Here is an image of me trying to type but not showing on the message box:

The only way I can fix it seems to be by attaching an image to it and this isn’t practical.

Can’t reproduce on my Android phone.

Can you record a video of the bug?

It seems to happen randomly and I’ve fixed it temporarily for now by attaching an image to the post that I was trying to write.

We need reproducible steps in order to be able to track the bug.

I understand, would explain more if I could. Next time it happens, I’ll record it and send it to you in a private message.

You also have to reproduce it here, as we don’t control that forum theme or its version.