It is impossible to complete the hashtag section of the Discobot Advanced Tutorial

Hello. I noticed a bug with discobot where it is impossible to type in categories thanks to the new hashtag system. The robot will not recognized the categories. It is annoying when you want to become “Licensed” on an account that you have. Luckilly, you can type skip to skip this section.


I just tried it on a couple of sites with chat and am unable to reproduce. :thinking:

Can anyone else? Start a PM conversation with @discobot and type: start advanced tutorial

I am able to repro this here on meta

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Also reproduced here (I’m the bug reporter)

Thanks for the report, this is an oversight since we now use a different CSS class for cooked hashtags:

I’ll also change the instructions, it doesn’t matter where you put the hashtag on the line anymore. I’ll work on a fix for this.


Hi @twofoursixeight I just merged a fix for this:

We actually had this case covered in a test but due to how I wrote a recent migration the test was incorrectly passing. Should be all sorted now.