Discobot advanced user tutorial stall?

(Lee Strickland) #1

I’m having issues with the advanced user tutorial ending right after tagging, and before the polls.
I’m currently running v2.0.0.beta4 +158 and have completed the tutorials here on meta. I can see that some stuff has to do with polls disabled, disabling the discobot tutorial but we currently have polls enabled, and in use on our site. I haven’t found many other pointers on what to look for to correct this, we have a large age range in our userbase and a specific demographic wants more tutorials and/or manuals of features :roll_eyes:

You complete your tag reply and discobot likes your post and never replies. This is in private message.

If you skip that step, it works and completes the tutorial and hands out the appropriate badge and “certificate”

(Florian) #2

Can you check whether discobot is a new user (= TL0) on your Discourse? If so, it cannot post more that one image into a post and you’ll see a corresponding low-level error in your admin error logs :nerd_face:

Changing the trust level to TL1 or above should fix it then.

(Lee Strickland) #3

He was at t4? I changed it to t3, but is it specifically t1 i need for him?

Update: Have tried it on t1-4 and nothng seems to work.

(Florian) #4

Anything in the error log regarding DiscourseNarrativeBot and AdvancedUserNarrative?

(Lee Strickland) #5

admin>logs>error logs shows nothing

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Tagging isn’t a part of the advanced user tutorial, since tagging is off by default in Discourse. Are you referring to something else?

(Lee Strickland) #7

I’m referring to the hash (#) tagging that links to categories or tags.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

Sure @jomaxro when you’re able can you run through the advanced user tutorial and make sure there are no regressions?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #10

No regressions that I see. I made it through the advanced tutorial on try without issues:

(Lee Strickland) #11

I don’t know, it still is broken on the install I’m referencing and if you skip that single step on advanced it works fine.
Basic tutorial works flawlessly.
I mean we have issued guidance to workaround if they want to continue the tutorial, but seems weird. No error log, or anything I can find to point me in direction of why.

(Jeff Atwood) #12

Not sure, if you can provide a better repro we can perhaps fix, we need to repro it. Could be based on unusual site settings of some kind, interfering with the process? Not sure.