It is not possible to quote closed topics [Solved]

Pardon if there is still an open topic, been searching and the “your topic is similar to” also suggests closed topics.


I would quote from pinned closed topic that refers to the rules but i can’t do that anymore without actually having to edit in the topic id and user name into the quote syntax myself in the composer.

[quote="name, post:1, topic:1234567890"]


It started happening on the update when the font changed and the quote button was made smaller

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This is working now … I just closed this topic and I can quote it fine.

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oh I see non admins are not allowed to quote closed posts.

@pmusaraj this may be related to share dialog changes back when, do you know if this is on purpose?


It’s currently possible to quote a closed topic but only if you have the composer open ready to reply to an open topic.

Example from try:


It didn’t work before, but now it does.



I’m quite late on this @sam, apologies.

It looks like historically we have had the behaviour described by Justin above, i.e. a non-admin user can only quote a closed topic if they have an open composer. IMO we should simplify this and display the Quote button on closed topics without the “composer must be open” requirement (and when invoked, the composer would default to creating a linked topic).