Restricting editing activites from trust level 3

Is it possible to stop Trust Level 3 from giving the ability to do things like alter thread titles?

I’d really like to keep The Lounge area for more committed members (so I cannot just lock everyone to Level 2), but the nature of the forum community means that rather too many comedians keep on altering thread titles to be humorous. Sometimes it’s quite funny but it’s getting to the point that it can be impossible to tell what the original thread idea was about.

That’s a Bummer. The main point of level 3 is to let folks help out by doing those things.

Solutions that don’t require programming include (1) removing the clowns from level 3 and (2) creating a group with access to the lounge. Oh, and (3) starting a discussion on the community about how the shenanigans are messing things up.


or you can simply up the levels of which grants trust level 3 -


days visited, topics viewed, likes given etc

This would ensure only those who are more committed is given TL3 and granted access to those benefits.


I think I can probably make something work with a combination of what @pfaffman and @mikechristopher have stated, and just lock everyone out of Level 3, make the Lounge Level 2 and then adjust what’s required to get to Level 2 to more closely resemble the Level 3 requirements.

I should add this forum is probably a bit “odd” compared to the majority of people running Discourse. We’ve all known each other for quite a long time, and also know each other personally / in the flesh as it were.

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You can now disable this via the trusted_users_can_edit_others site setting. See the linked topic for complete details.