I've accidentally "blocked a spammer". Any way to unblock their IP?

So yeah, this is embarassing. In the process of trying to delete an old account that wouldn’t delete for some reason (that’s an issue for later), I ended up deleting the wrong account. Basically the user had two accounts, wanted the first one deleted, and after changing ownership of their one old post I accidentally went and attempted to “delete spammer” out of desperation, forgetting that I’d changed the ownership and deleted the wrong account. Yeah, I’m an idiot…

But I go to the blocked list and I can’t find anything. I need to find a way to unblock this IP so the user can make a new account. Is there any way to do this? Thanks…

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Go here:


And you’ll see a list of blocked/suspended IPs that you can take action on, including allowing them back in.


Ahh, so there is a way to do it. Thank goodness, I was a bit worried for a second. I’ll do what I can to ensure the user’s needs are met, either getting them a new account or convincing them to use the old one, heh.

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The email address is also blocked so you will need to remove that block as well. Same area of admin.