I've created a new group, but unable to email this group (by PM)

I created a new group and added some users to it (a few hundred people). I wanted to PM all these users so they get an email about what I want to send to them, however no emails seem to be sent for some reason. Eg. I sent a PM to @newGroup

When I created the group I allowed Admins, mods etc to mention the group so that’s not the issue. Maybe I’m missing something else? Any idea? Thanks.

How long after sending the PM did you check whether an email had been created?

Where did you check?

I waited about 15 mins. And I checked the Settings --> Emails —> Sent

By default there is a limit set to 100 to the number of emails we send to a group. Have you changed this setting max users notified per group mention before send the PM?

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I’ve changed that to 10,000 before doing this!

So I can’t mention trust level 0 because there’s too many people in there. So I’ve broke them down to members1, members2 and so on (around 500-999 per group). Noticed that one of the users has a custom group (one that I created) but the primary group is empty, wonder if this is related?

Any particular reason you are not using a newsletter tool for mailing all your members?

The primary group is not relevant for this.

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That’s an option but I’d rather do it inside the forum if possible.

I used @trust_level_2 for example (not many members in that - about 500) and this emailed everybody. So I thought if I add people to a group of the same size and PM them they’d get an email.

I’ve just tried with a small group of 70 users and that didn’t send an email either so it’s not size related I don’t think.

you could check sidekiq and the error logs? maybe there’s a sidekiq task you can run manually, or it will just take a while to get them all sent. Not sure.

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I’ll do that next. It’s weird, even my digest emails have stopped. But I can see emails are still being sent to users for other flows like when someone replies