Join / leave group CTA


I would like to divide the forum into three parts. The page has a main subject, subjectA, which I created another off-category subjectB next to. For this, I thought that a three-way switch should be made in the header or in some other central location. By default, the switch would be in the middle position, which would mean that both subjectA and subjectB of the page would be visible. If the user moves the switch in the direction of subjectA, then subjectB would not be visible, if in the direction of subjectB, then subjectA would not be visible. We could handle these with groups and category permissions.

If user select the subjectA then it adds the user automatically to a group groupA which adds some permissions to subjectB categories to mute.

I try to figure out how to make a CTA button or a toggle to join or leave a group by clicking on it. But unfortunately I didn’t find any way. Is this possible somehow? :slightly_smiling_face:

This project is for to add the ability to users to quickly and easily filter the content from the two main subjects.

Any idea or advice would be appreciated! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


For an alternative approach you could have a look at the Epic Games Dev Community Forums. They use four global filters and I believe you only need the GitHub - discourse/discourse-global-filter plugin to implement a similar setup.


Thanks @nolo, This looks great. For the first look if I see it correctly this plugin works something like Use Query Strings to Filter Topic Views with tags but it keeps the string while user navigates on the page. I have to rethink the structure of my forum. :sweat_smile: Thanks again I’ll give it a try. :slightly_smiling_face: