Using Groups for Category specific landing page

I have a general Discourse forum for my non-profit. I would like to use the Group function as a way of filtering a set of Categories that members of a particular sub-community that we are building see, and only see, when they are invited to the forum. The other Categories that have been set up on the forum are unrelated to what they will be working on, and we would like them to be excluded from view so to avoid confusion.

Is this possible? I thought that 1. linking the specific categories to the group when creating the group, and 2. selecting these same groups in invite emails would do the trick.

Haven’t been able to find a topic that meets this specific need.


You can change the visibility of certain (sub-)categories so that every group/trust level besides this specific group can access them. With this, you would change the permissions of this group in whatever categories are relevant to them so that they have full access to only these select few categories.

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I’m about to work on a theme component that changes the home page based on the user’s primary group. It was months ago that I decided how to do it. Hopefully I’ll remember how tomorrow. I’ll not sure yet whether it’ll make sense to publish the theme component, but I’ll try to remember to post something here when I do.