Jonmbake/discourse-ldap-auth LDAP plugin not working after upgrading discourse to 3.0.0.beta16


After I upgraded discourse to version 3.0.0.beta16 (7b5f7b4484) my LDAP plugin (GitHub - jonmbake/discourse-ldap-auth: Discourse plugin to enable LDAP/Active Directory authentication.) stopped working with the following error:

“(ldap) Authentication failure! ldap_error: TypeError, no implicit conversion of Hash into String”

Is anyone facing the same issue?


Same issue here.

I’ve tried getting a better trace for the error… but I’m bad at ruby so I’ve had no success.

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You may want to contact the plugin author via GitHub issues, as that plugin wasn’t wrote by us at Discourse.

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I definitely agree - but it is important to note that the plugin hasn’t changed, therefore the issue was introduced by a change in discourse.

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Sure, but Discourse is going to change, thats why you get notifications and hit an update button. Upgrades will change aspects of discourse as well as the versions of underlying software components all the time. Outdated plugins which assume older versions of stuff will, in turn, stop working.

I would strongly recommend you test upgrades on a staging site, particularly if you rely on third-party plugins.

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Sorry - I’m not here pointing fingers if that wasn’t clear :slight_smile:

If the error was a bit more descriptive, I see value in posting in a more active forum along with developers that have changed dependencies and the code base recently. The exposure here is obviously much greater than on a plugin’s GH.

But… a TypeError without a trace is particularly useless :laughing: will head to GH


See TypeError with discourse 3.0.0.beta16 · Issue #71 · jonmbake/discourse-ldap-auth · GitHub. Will update here when resolved.


As Tris20 suggested via the Github issue, bumping net-ldap to 0.17.1 works :partying_face:

edit: ah ! of course Tris20 of Github is @Tris20 :crazy_face:, thank you Tristan !


Hey @Benjamin_D

Glad that works :smiley:

Just to be clear, did you only need to bump the version to 0.17.1 or did you need to take the most recent commit from github?


is this the most recent commit Release 0.6.0 · jonmbake/discourse-ldap-auth@84635b1 · GitHub ?
if so then yes, I forked the master branch and commited directly on it (I’m not quite proficient with github though) :thinking:


Had a quick look at your fork, looks like it only needed the 0.17.1 change after all :slight_smile:

Feel free to send that as a pull request so @jonmbake can take the update :heart:


Done, hope I’ve found the right buttons :smile: and thank you for this opportunity to test the process :hugs:


The pull requet to upgrade net-ldap has been merged and v0.6.1 of the plugin has been released. :tada: Can you verify that it works, @loganharbour or @Benjamin_D ?


Yep - all is well on my test instance (with 0.6.1). Thanks everyone for the haste!