LDAP plugin error? after updating to latest ver discourse

Hello everyone, i just finished updating my discourse to latest version. But somehow the ldap plugin is not matched with how i configured

  1. ldap
    currently i disabled ldap plugin, but somehow when people try to login the ldap button still exist and still functional


Is that the plugin you’re using?

im not sure, but here is how it displayed on the plugin page

Yes, that seems to be the one.

I didn’t find it in plugin. It’s unofficial. I suggest you to contact the author directly, but maybe someone who also use it will have an idea here. :slight_smile:

I think @Benjamin_D and @jonmbake fixed it up last time it needed a tweak, so will hopefully do the same again. :crossed_fingers:

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ah yes, isn’t supposed to work :

          def enabled?

will do it

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